Why Squatters have Rights to your Property

"Squatters" are persons who occupy a place without permission. Squatting is based on "adverse possession", an idea which encourages the use of an abandoned property. "Squatter's rights" allow the use of someone else's property if there is no attempt by the owner to get rid of them. You can actually lose ownership of your property to a squatter. To protect your rights, you may need a lawyer, a title agent and a real estate agent; in C. James Vendetti, you have all three.  

Legal Issues

Squatting is trespassing, which is illegal, but Pennsylvania law on this, like so many
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Real Estate Attorney vs. Title Company: What’s the difference?

  Among title company functions are:
  1. Title searches, certifying the title (ownership) is legitimate and free of encumbrances.
  2. Title insurance, protecting lender or owner against lawsuits or claims that might arise from problems a title search can't uncover, including forged deeds, missing heirs or clerical errors.
  3. Acting as agent for the parties in closing: maintaini
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Can You Sell a Home that Has a Lien on it in Pennsylvania?

A  lien is a claim someone places on your property because (they claim) you owe that person money; having a lien can make selling your home more difficult, but not impossible if you have the right real estate attorney.   You Can't Solve a Problem in Ignorance Before listing your home, do a title search, that will show any property liens outstanding. Don't let your buyer's real estate agent find it; that could kill your sale immediately. If you feel the lien was imposed in erro
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3 Most Important Questions to Ask a Real Estate Attorney

You don't really need a real estate agent to buy or sell a house. They provide legitimate services, but for-sale-by-owner or through an attorney are increasingly popular options. Regardless of which way you go, an experienced real estate attorney can save you huge amounts of grief and aggravation down the road. Before choosing that attorney, ask three vital questions: 1. How Much of Your practice is Real Estate Related? Lots of lawyers have a "door law" practice — they handle whatever comes through the door. For simple cases, this isn't a problem but when challenges arise — and challenges arise frequently! — Do you want the new kids on the block or the chairman of the board? Yeah, the new kids are enthusiastic but 'old blue eyes' has been chart-topping long en
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10 Ways to Holiday-fy Your Home for the Holidays

Tis the season once again! Is your home decorated for the Holidays? If not, we’ve got some ideas to help you get started. 1. Stockings If you have children, you know having stockings on the chimney or hanging on the wall is part of the Christmas tradition. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up a little this year. Whether you are single or have children, you can upgrade your stockings with new ones. Having a new stocking with your name on it can put a smile on your face this Christmas! 2. Christmas Ornaments We all love decorating the Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments. Make your own Christmas ornaments this year to add as a keepsake. We always put up those ornaments that mean something special to us, so make a Christmas ornam
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Downsizing 101: Moving Toward Minimalist Real Estate

The move to tiny house living or a minimalist-type lifestyle can be very beneficial and enjoyable, but getting there can be a bit of a challenge. Many people find that decluttering their lives, selling their home, and downsizing is easier said than done, so we wanted to provide some useful tips to help you out.   First, Take Inventory Take a spreadsheet or actual pen and paper and make four headings:
  • Must Have - important items that cannot be replaced, such as family photos, important documents, and po
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Knowing the Right Time to Sell Your House

Selecting the time to sell your home is not a task many look forward to. While most people don’t plan on living in their first home forever - or second or maybe even third - it can sometimes kind of feel like you’re breaking up with a longtime significant other and ending things can be way easier said than done. So how do you know when the time is right to move forward and sell your house? Continue reading to find out some indicators that it is indeed time and how we can help make it less stressful and a better experience overall.   You’ve Outgrown Your Home
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When Do You Really Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

With the transfer of real estate, there are definitely times when an attorney is not necessary and many transactions are completed without the assistance of a real estate lawyer. However, certain transactions are just too costly, complicated or stressful to attempt to complete it on your own. So today we bring you a few situations that should you find yourself facing, you should consult a real estate lawyer.   Is A Real Estate Attorney Required?   Unlike some states, Pennsylvania doesn’t require that you involve a lawyer in your house-selling efforts. However, there are multiple circumstances where you may want to seriously considerRead More

8 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Selling your home anytime of the year or in any type of market is stressful even for the most relaxed amongst us. Getting the house initially ready is almost enough to make many of us opt for foregoing the move altogether and if you’re unfortunate enough for the sell to take a while, it can be even more disheartening and frustrating. However, utilizing these 8 simple and cheap tips, you can cut that wait time down and sell your home much more quickly.   Countdown to a Quicker Sell  
  1. Crank up the Curb Appeal - The exterior of your home is generally the first thing a potential buyer sees on listing sites and when viewing in person. Your prospects won’t even consi
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What a Bad Title on Your Property Means & How to Fix It

Looking to sell property in or around Erie, PA anytime soon? Think that your title is clear and it will be a piece of cake? Sometimes a property title can have breaks in the chain of property transfers or clouds on the title, such as a mortgage that shows as having not been paid, easement or encroachment claims, incorrectly prepared deeds, heirs that never released interest in inherited property, and clerical errors. Depending on the situation, the detrimental effects can be daunting and quite costly - in more ways than one. Hiring a real estate attorney is your best option. While there are several various conditions, a title with a cloud is considered to be a title with a flaw. This flaw can be something as simple a
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