Real Estate Attorney vs. Title Company: What’s the difference?

Posted: March 15, 2019 11:54 am



Among title company functions are:

  1. Title searches, certifying the title (ownership) is legitimate and free of encumbrances.
  2. Title insurance, protecting lender or owner against lawsuits or claims that might arise from problems a title search can’t uncover, including forged deeds, missing heirs or clerical errors.
  3. Acting as agent for the parties in closing: maintaining escrow accounts, getting documents signed, collecting & distributing money and filing documents with the authorities.

Among real estate attorney functions are:

  1. Advice concerning zoning limitations, covenants (such as in condo communities or homeowners’ associations), taxes and other subjects.
  2. Drafting documents — leases and sales contracts, among others.
  3. Representation in court, should that be necessary.


Why Choose a Real Estate Attorney?

  1. The title company doesn’t work for the buyer or the seller. A real estate attorney, like James Vendetti, works for you. Title companies do their jobs very well, but once a transaction is completed, they are out of the picture. You employ a real estate attorney to guard your best interest and advocate for you. Should problems arise, a real estate attorney will be in your corner.
  2. Title agents can’t provide legal advice. When problems or questions arise, the title company will call a lawyer. Why not cut out the middle-man and have someone on your team who knows the transaction from beginning to end, as well as you do? This can be especially valuable when it isn’t a home, but a rental property or other business location with additional legal requirements and tax issues.
  3. Title agents can create a basic sales contract, but they stop there. If the contract needs an addendum, if issues arise in the contract, if non-standard forms are involved or in any of a thousand other circumstances, your attorneys can deal with issues immediately — issues which may delay closing or sink the transaction like the iceberg sank the Titanic.
  4. Costs are essentially the same. Many closing costs — insurance premiums, documentary stamps, and recording fees are set by state law. If there’s no real difference in the price, why not pay the price that gets you more services. A law firm trained in real estate procedures can perform all the duties of a title agent, meaning you may actually save money.


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