How Long Can a Lien Stay On My Property?

What is a Lien?

In a court case when a verdict or court-approved settlement is final, a judgment is entered in the court records. If payment is part of that judgment, and the party owing payment doesn't pony up, the creditor may record the judgment with the county clerk in any county where the debtor owns (or may, in future own) property. That county record of judgment is a lien. In simple terms, the creditor attaches the court-imposed debt to property owned by the debtor and the law assures that the debt is paid to the creditor when the property is sold. A property lien in Pennsylvania will remain attached to the debtor's property for five years. The lien remains in effect until the debt i
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Can You Sell a Home that Has a Lien on it in Pennsylvania?

A  lien is a claim someone places on your property because (they claim) you owe that person money; having a lien can make selling your home more difficult, but not impossible if you have the right real estate attorney.   You Can't Solve a Problem in Ignorance Before listing your home, do a title search, that will show any property liens outstanding. Don't let your buyer's real estate agent find it; that could kill your sale immediately. If you feel the lien was imposed in erro
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