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When you are thinking of buying a new home, that’s the time to call real estate Attorney C. James Vendetti for your free consultation.  Attorney Vendetti is an experienced Real Estate Attorney, as well as a Licensed Title Insurance Agent and Certified Best-Practices Settlement and Closing Agent.  An Attorney with in-depth experience and training is absolutely necessary for today’s Real Estate Climate, and you have found one right here with Attorney Vendetti.



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Your home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime and the process can seem intimidating and daunting, but Attorney James Vendetti will ensure that your purchase process will go as smoothly as possible, while being accessible to you for all of your questions and concerns and, at the same time, making sure that you are protected.  Whether you’re working with Relators (also known as Real Estate Agents) or not, Attorney Vendetti can help you before you sign any documentation, including the Purchase and Sales Agreement, which is free so long as you use him for your closing.  Attorney Vendetti has completed innumerable purchases for clients with lenders, clients purchasing property with cash, clients using Realtors and for those who have not.

He is efficient with both Purchase and Refinances as he has linked up with most of the available Lenders and is registered and ready to go with their Closing Software and Procedures, making the process on you easier while decreasing your processing time.  He works with large national Lenders, like Quicken Loans, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, PNC Bank, and many more.  He also has a personal relationship with local Lenders, such as Liberty Mortgage Corporation, Northwest Bank, Marquette Savings Bank, Select Mortgage, Lake Erie Mortgage, among others.  He is your one-stop shop for the Closing on your new house…be sure to have him get your Real Estate Ready.


The sale of your home is most often a waiting game once the Purchase and Sales Agreement has been signed.  There will often be times some negotiations during that waiting time, but it is your patience that will help you after you make an agreement to sell your house.  Issues can arise in a variety of areas, but Attorney James Vendetti has the experience to get these issues resolved in a quick and efficient manner, so you’re not held up for too long, even when the issues arise on your Buyer’s end.  He will be there to answer your phone calls and emails with unmatched accessibility, so if you want to know what’s going on every step of the way as you wait, real estate attorney Vendetti will give you the answers you looking for.


Attorney James Vendetti and his team can help you make sure the properties that you want to purchase from Sheriff’s Sales or Tax Sales are free and clear of all liens and problems prior to your purchase of them.  Always remember, a problem solved today is significantly easier (and significantly less expensive) then one solved tomorrow.


Title Insurance is insurance that protects against defects, damages and “clouds” in a property’s title the present back through its history (as opposed to other insurances like car or homeowner’s insurance, which protect against potential damages that may occur in the future).

Almost every Lender requires title insurance, so if you are purchasing a home using a Lender or a Bank, this will already be something you will be paying for at the time of your closing.  The Buyer’s Title Insurance is optional but well worth its cost, even when you are purchasing without a Lender or Bank, as it ensures against items that were not discoverable before you purchase your home, along with defects that are out of your control that may occur during your ownership when you go to sell.   Defects are usually not discovered until you sell your House and Property, as that is when your Buyer’s Attorney will inspect your title.  If something comes up, Title Insurance “greases the wheels” of the Closing because it will often allow for you to still close on your house with the defect being cured after the Closing.





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