Downsizing 101: Moving Toward Minimalist Real Estate

Posted: October 12, 2018 4:32 pm


The move to tiny house living or a minimalist-type lifestyle can be very beneficial and enjoyable, but getting there can be a bit of a challenge. Many people find that decluttering their lives, selling their home, and downsizing is easier said than done, so we wanted to provide some useful tips to help you out.


First, Take Inventory

Take a spreadsheet or actual pen and paper and make four headings:

  • Must Have – important items that cannot be replaced, such as family photos, important documents, and possessions required for work.
  • Replaceable – Decide what items can be sold and replaced with smaller versions such as selling your oversized furniture and downsizing your 60-inch t.v. to a 30-inch. Another great idea is to select multipurpose furniture like a sofa with a pull-out bed or end tables with hideaway storage.
  • Can Live Without – Things you can sell, donate, or simply get rid of. You’ll likely be quite surprised by how much “stuff” you have accumulated over the years and if you haven’t used it in awhile, or forgot you even had it, now is the time to get rid of it.
  • How Many Do I Need? – Items like towels, pots, pans, glasses, and dishes can take up a lot of valuable storage space in your new abode. Try cutting back to just enough cutlery, glasses, and dishes for your family plus two to three guests tops. Don’t forget items like lamps, end tables, and nightstands and even your book and dvd collection, perhaps opting to redeem all those digital copy codes and moving your library to an eReader.


Where’s It All Going To Go?

It’s important to keep storage in mind when deciding what to keep. When moving into a tiny house you may get a single closet or drawer for storage. Consider what will store easily in boxes, containers, baskets, and vertical storage. For everything you decide to keep, you need to visualize where it’s going to go and know it’s place among your limited storage.


Craigslist, Wallop, and OfferUp are great places to sell your unwanted items or of course you can have a good old fashioned garage sale. Having a solid plan of action in place before selling your items can help when it comes to replacing that large t.v., sofa, or extra beds.


Who To Call When Buying a Home in Erie, PA.

Once you’ve completed your downsizing and you’re ready to buy your new tiny home, you need an attorney like James Vendetti. Vendetti Real Estate Solutions in Erie will ensure that your purchase goes as smoothly as possible and Attorney Vendetti is an experienced Real Estate Attorney, as well as a Licensed Title Insurance Agent and Certified Best-Practices Settlement and Closing Agent.


You need an attorney with in-depth experience, especially one that can also help you if any issues arise with the sale of your old home. The process of downsizing can be tricky but if you follow the advice above, this undertaking can go much more smoothly. And when buying or selling a home in or around Erie, PA, you need to contact Real Estate Attorney James Vendetti.