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Whether you are purchasing or selling your home, refinancing your mortgage, or conducting other real estate business, it pays off to have real estate attorney services with C. James Vendetti in your corner. Mr. Vendetti is an experienced, licensed real estate attorney with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of real estate law. Residents of Erie, PA, and surrounding areas are in good hands with Attorney James Vendetti.


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Residential Purchases and Refinances

Buying a home or refinancing your mortgage? Let Attorney James Vendetti help make the transaction go as smoothly as possible. Mr. Vendetti will work to ensure that the documents, including the Purchase and Sale Agreement, are in order, with no red flags or concerning issues. Even if you are working with a real estate agent, having James Vendetti on hand to answer any legal questions surrounding the purchase or refinance of your property will bring you peace of mind as you make one of the biggest purchases of your life. In addition to providing you with expert legal counsel, Attorney James Vendetti works closely with some of the leading lenders in Erie, PA and nationwide, and is on board with all of their various software and closing procedures, which will help shorten your processing time when you are closing on your purchase or refinance.


Residential Sales

Selling your home can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, from listing the property to accepting an offer, all the way through to closing. Let Attorney James Vendetti work to resolve any issues that may come up during the selling process, so you can be sure that everything is in order when you come to the closing table. James Vendetti is there for you when you need advice or assistance with virtually any aspect of the residential sales process, and can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have quickly and effectively, so you are in the know every step of the way.


Title Searches

It is crucial to make sure that a property you are interested in buying from a tax sale or sheriff’s auction is free of any liens or other legal concerns, so you can avoid hassle and headaches down the road. Let Attorney James Vendetti thoroughly investigate the title associated with any property you are interested in so you can be aware of any issues that may exist before you begin the purchasing process.


Title Insurance

Nearly every mortgage lender requires a borrower to carry title insurance that protects against defects, damages or issues that may exist with a property. Title insurance is optional if your home purchase does not involve a lender or a bank; however, it is a good idea to carry title insurance so you are protected against any future problems that may arise with your home. Attorney James Vendetti can research and make recommendations about the type and amount of title insurance you should purchase.


If you are buying or selling a home in Erie, PA, you need real estate attorney services.  James Vendetti is here for you! Let James Vendetti take the confusion out of an often complicated and tedious process. Call the law office of James Vendetti today at 814-868-8541, ext. 242, and get ready to experience the peace of mind of having a licensed real estate attorney in your corner!

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