Hiring a Real Estate Agent For Buying or Selling Your Home

Should I Hire a Real Estate Lawyer For Buying or Selling a House?

Buying or selling a house is an exciting time; it can also be a complicated mess that leaves you wondering if the whole process is worth it. From paperwork to regulations that need to be followed, the process of home buying or selling is confusing at best and seems impossible at its worst. Now is the time most people consider hiring a real estate lawyer but have questions about the need for one. Here are some answers to the question should you hire a real estate lawyer for buying or selling a house. 


Using an Attorney For Residential Purchases and Refinancing

In order to decide whether you should hire a real estate attorney or not, it is first helpful to know what a real estate lawyer is and what they can do for you to help bring back the excitement of the buying or selling process. Most real estate attorneys handle residential purchases and refinancing, residential sales, title insurance, and title searches. Luckily, James Vendetti, Esq. offers free help with the confusing paperwork and processes! 


What Services Does a Real Estate Lawyer Provide?

This service includes checking of all of the paperwork and processing of said paperwork as it pertains to buying a home or refinancing your mortgage. While it may not be required that you hire a real estate attorney for either of these, choosing to do so will ensure all of the documentation is completed with no complications and that all regulations are followed.


Residential Sales

Residential sales service will give you an experienced companion during the complicated process that one must go through to sell a home. Your real estate attorney will help you wade through the paperwork required for the sale. They will make sure that everything is done according to state laws and that you understand everything along the way.


Title Searches 

Title searches are a required part of selling your home. This step ensures that there are no liens or hidden claims on the property. Title searches help avoid time-consuming legal issues after the sale. Having a real estate lawyer help you with this process takes some of the burdens out of the selling process.


 Title Insurance

Title insurance protects a mortgage holder against issues or damages that are encountered in a property after the time of the purchase. Having an attorney on your side to recommend the proper insurance for your needs will save you money and also provide you some peace of mind.


Pennsylvania’s Real Estate Rules

There are many rules that Pennsylvania has put into place to protect both buyers and sellers of properties, including residential homes. Each of these regulations must be completed in order for the sale or purchase to be valid and for each person’s rights to be protected. Some of the items that must be completed are disclosure forms, title searches, and filing of the deed. Even though this process may seem a bit confusing just to read, it is a lot more complicated to complete. Completing the paperwork and making sure all of the legalities are followed is where real estate lawyers provide the most benefit for you.


Why Working With A Real Estate Attorney When Buying a Home is Beneficial 

Working with a real estate attorney can provide many benefits for you during the buying or selling process of a home. Your attorney will draft all of the paperwork needed or help you understand paperwork from other parties. It is especially important that you understand all of the papers you are to sign during this process to make sure you are getting what has been verbally discussed and that all is done properly. 

Your attorney can also perform a thorough title search, which means you will not have to worry about surprises down the road of someone staking a claim to your home. Making sure the property is clear of all liens and claims will ensure that you have no unexpected legal issues in the future.

Another benefit your real estate lawyer provides to you is during the filing process. Because there are multiple items that will need to be filed and at specific times during the contractual process, your attorney can help by making these filings and ensuring that they are done on time to cover all legal necessities.

Whether you are buying a home or selling one, you will deal with many different people, and having a knowledgable support system to back you up along the way is essential. Your real estate attorney can provide you a professional presence that shows the other teams that you are not alone. The benefit of having this back up is that you will not be taken advantage of. Others will see you as serious buyers or sellers that know what you are doing because you have someone with the experience to understand how the game is played.

The final benefit and one of the most important is peace of mind. With the right real estate attorney on your team, you will have the peace of mind that every step is being taken care of properly. Ensuring that your interests are being protected and that everything is done the way it should be, allows you to enjoy the excitement of purchasing your new home.


Choosing the Right Real Estate Lawyer in Erie, PA

Choosing the right real estate lawyer for your needs is just as important as choosing the right home. Make sure that your lawyer can provide you with the services you need and will explain the process as you go. Teaming up with Vendetti Real Estate Solutions and letting James Vendetti handle all of your home buying or selling needs will give you the support system you need and peace of mind you deserve. The best part is that Vendetti will help you with any and all of your paperwork for free when you use his services for the closing of your purchase — covering your interests every step of the way from start to homeownership. Contact the Vendetti office today to schedule a free consultation, and find out what he can do for you.