Three Common Problems Your Erie, PA Real Estate Attorney Can Solve

Posted: April 23, 2018 12:59 pm


Real estate attorneys appear to be the least-necessary aspect of home buying and selling processes, until you hit a snag in the road and realize just how much you actually need one. These are the most common issues homeowners and homebuyers face during the process, and how your real estate attorney Erie, PA office of James Vendetti can help.


Purchase Agreements


You’re committing to a lot of different things – it all goes down into writing on your purchase agreement. Consider this your ledger for everything that’s gone on with the home selling process, no matter which side of it you’re on. This is going to define the little details and clarify the major points.


It’s a contact – with any contract, especially one that involves immense volumes of capital, you need to have proper legal counsel to review, advise, and aid with the process. The biggest mistakes first-time homebuyers make is not reading the fine print properly. Excitement and anticipation take the place of caution, and when you look back on that agreement in the future, you’ll run into problems. It’s easier to handle it now with proper legal aid, rather than attempting to amend or fix the issue in the future.


Title Search


You never want to purchase a home with a bad title. In most instances, there’s something that’s not clear on the title or small issues that need to be corrected, or at least addressed, before you commit to the final process: closing. Your real estate attorney will possess all the necessary information to conduct a thorough title search, and ensure your safety throughout the entire process.


The Closing Process


Closing day is exciting. It’s when you “get the keys” and you’re officially the homeowner. However, it’s a messy process that requires due diligence. If you’ve ever heard about closing costs being a major deal-breaker for home buyers and sellers, that’s because it can end up costing a lot. Based on the average home prices in Pennsylvania, it can end up costing in the lower five-figure range. Tidy up the process with a real estate attorney.


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