How to Sell My House Online in Erie, PA

Posted: February 15, 2018 8:05 pm


Gone are the days of selling your house in a simple way. If you Google “Sell my house online,” you’re going to come up with guides, tips, tricks, and more. It’s moments like these that those looking to sell their home realize how much work will go into their online efforts.


The statistics in direct response home selling have dropped substantially. Fewer buy newspapers, head to open houses simply because they saw a lawn sign, or take a detour because they saw a telephone pole banner. More people are using online resources to sell their home, but a lot goes into it.


What Goes Into an Online Real Estate Listing


If you’re a native of Erie, PA then you have some competition. We have a healthy market right now; it’s not on the side of buyers or sellers, but somewhere in the middle. That makes things difficult when you want to sell your home.


Here are a few things that go into your real estate listing:



  • Proper Photography
  • Detailed Information & Property History
  • Market Analysis for Pricing Information
  • Property Tax Records
  • And More



There’s a lot of work just to get the listing up, and then, you have to figure out where you’re going to place the listing after composing it properly and having a detailed, excitable property description written up by a professional. Then, there’s the legal information.


Securing Yourself in a Sale


Selling homes online has been a fantastic tool for numerous reasons. It makes it easier to schedule appointments (no phone tag), allows you to automatically filter prospective homebuyers (if they don’t like what they see/read, they’ll just move on), and gives you control over your sale. However, there are a few things you can’t control, like the detailed history of the property.


Real estate attorney services are utilized to ensure that a proper sale is taking place. It helps you understanding if there are any existing liens on the property, allows you to file the deed quickly (which can otherwise be a hassle), and drafting up contracts, the most important part of securing yourself during a sale.


How Do Real Estate Attorney Services Help Me Sell My House Online?


It ensures you have no surprises waiting. Every single bit of history about the property, things you may not have been told by the real estate agent when you purchased your home, all come out of the shadows. A real estate attorney helps absolve you from liability – if you were to sell a property and didn’t know certain information about it, you could be held accountable for it.


While homebuyers are finding homes online, they do their research – they want all the facts, a proper contract, and a clean title before agreeing to a purchase. That’s where I come in to help. Submit a message or give me a call today to schedule a no-risk consultation, and see what can be done to sell your home online in a proper way.