When Do I Need Real Estate Services?

Posted: January 26, 2018 4:11 pm


People often hear “Real estate services,” and immediately think that it means real estate agents showing you a home that’s up for sale. Real estate services revolve around closing costs, title searches, purchase agreements, and more. There’s a lot of paperwork and time that goes into the background processes of buying and selling homes.


When You Don’t Know What Should be In the Purchase Agreement

Potentially hazardous waste, undocumented alterations, escrow accounts – all the little details that mean a lot go into your purchase agreement. A proper agreement will contain how the payment for the home will be made, what happens after a startling home inspection, and too many other little details to list. Going in without a real estate attorney in your corner is essentially walking in blind.


When the Seller’s Brokerage Agreement Leaves Holes

Just because the seller and their real estate agent have worked out a brokerage arrangement doesn’t make it bulletproof. Sometimes, you can encounter issues because something isn’t on paper at all. Everything should be accounted for; the last thing you want is the seller to leave out a bit of information. It’s not uncommon for realtors/real estate agents to utilize stock forms with few adjustments if any. You need someone who’ll pay attention to the fine details.


You Don’t Have Title Insurance

Not only can James Vendetti perform a full title search, giving you the information you need about the home/property’s past, but if you’re in need of title insurance, he is also a licensed title insurance agent. If you’re going through a lender, some may require you to have title insurance prior to receiving the home loan. Title insurance protects you from issues that the seller simply can’t. If they didn’t acquire their title properly, they may be unable to transfer ownership to you. Your title insurance will protect you from this.


Attorney James Vendetti is Always At-the-Ready

Your home is the single biggest purchase you will make, and for that reason, you should have nothing but happy memories from the moment you walk in the door. James can help you solve problems before they ever arise, giving you peace of mind and a legal, secure transaction with no hidden surprises.


Click or call for a free consultation today, and see how James has been helping the residents of Erie, PA for years, and how he can help you. Go with your local Erie, PA real estate attorney to get full coverage and take advantage of Mr. Vendetti’s experience.